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The Hudson River Boat and Yacht Club Association (HRBYCA) is the advocate for 33 local boat and yacht clubs located from the Raritan Bay, New Jersey to Poughkeepsie, New York. Our goal is to protect the enjoyment of the Hudson River for over 3,000 recreational boating families; and to support local, organized, and affordable boating access. We also ensure that we are in heard in the halls of government when boaters or member clubs are unfairly singled out. We are a strong advocate of boating safety and clean water efforts.

As volunteers manage Hudson River boat clubs, we sometimes don’t have all the knowledge we need to run our organizations. The goal of the HRBYCA is to provide clubs with that knowledge. Challenges with growing club membership, waterfront access, dredging, tax, insurance, environmental and safety issues are just some of the practical issues we focus on.

Beginning in January, our regular general membership meetings take place on the last Tuesday of every other month. We strongly encourage and welcome any recreational boat owner, PWC owner, or paddler to attend our meetings, which offer topics that have an impact your boating.

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Thanks, and I hope to see you on the river and at our meetings.

Scott Croft
Scott Croft
Hudson River Boat &
Yacht Club Association

Director Clarke DeWater

Clarke DeWaters receiving a plaque, from past President Frank Bergman, for his many years serving the HRBYCA organization at the 2013 Commodores' Brunch held at West Point, NY

It is with great sadness that I have to share with you that HRBYCA Director Clarke DeWaters of Valhalla  NY passed away July 19th, 2014 at the age of 82.

Clarke was a big friend to all Hudson River boaters, and long served the boating community as an officer of the Hudson River Boat & Yacht Club Association. I will remember him as the sweet man who greeted me years ago at the outside bar at Washington Irving Boat Club where he kept "court" on the corner barstool. It didn't matter if you were new to town, looked funny, or couldn't tie a knot (me) - as a boater he accepted you no matter whether your wore a tie or plumbers overalls. Always a man ready to help, advise, or just tell funny boating stories. His only angry voice was directed to those who restricted our boating, caused boat owners angst, or who took Hudson River boat clubs for granted - boating was at the center of his heart. I will miss his sage advice, smile, and guiding presence.

A kind and generous man with an outstanding sense of humor, Clarke's willingness to help others  created lifelong friends and his strong will made him a great leader and  partner. Born in Staten Island August 30th 1931 to Mary Rich and Walker DeWaters, he graduated from Wagner College before serving in the Marine Corps  as a pilot. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Following his  years of service his passion for aviation continued as he moved into the  aviation insurance and reinsurance industries. He later became President of  IAGM Corp, retiring on his 60th birthday. A lifelong boater, he was an active  member at Richmond County Yacht Club for almost 70 years. As he moved north to Westchester County, he also joined the Washington Irving Boat Club where he  later served as Commodore. His passion and enthusiasm for life serve as a  model for all to follow, evidenced by his learning to Scuba Dive at age  67.

He is survived by his wife, Marion; children, Jeffrey, Holly  Garcia (Bill), Jennifer DeWaters McCray; and grandchildren; Jonathan, Amber, Jessie Lynn, and Joshua.

Services will be held at St. Johns Episcopal  Church in Pleasantville, NY at 11am on Thursday July 24th.

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